Diamond Pacifier Made for Brad Pitt & Angelina

ulubulu diamond pacifier

World’s most expensive 18K Gold pacifier with 279 diamonds

We are pleased to introduce our exclusive line of custom Diamond Pacifiers, the newest trend in celebrity baby gifting. Exclusivly available at www.ulubulu.com our sparkly Diamond Pacifiers feature over 278 pave cut white diamonds totaling 3 carats with a 18K European white gold. This Diamond Pacifier is an exact replica of a real pacifier featuring a genuine silicone nipple and a real moving handle. Pacifiers can be customized with colored diamonds and engraved with baby’s name, initials, birth date, or birth weight. Though we do not recommend actual use, the Diamond pacifier makes a fabulous keepsake and will become a new classic to that of bronzing baby shoes!

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